How To Update Kyc In EPFO Portal..

Full from of KYC- Know your customer.

The KYC -Know your customer consists of identification of the parson and his/her place of residence.

You can update your KYC information for EPF online using UAN and EPFO  portal. In order to update or change your KYC(Know your customer) details on UAN and EPFO portal. You require UAN (universal account number) credential. You can login to EPFO /UAN portal and update your KYC by uploading necessary documents online.

To update your KYC details through EPF account your like name,Gender  and date of Birth must match exactly. Check these detail before updating KYC you have two options to update your KYC details.1) Member portal 2) Employer.

 1) Member portal You can login to Member Home with your UAN. You must activate your UAN if you have not created the login password carrier. After you login to the portal go to manage -KYC enter your KYC details fill up Aadhaar,PAN,BANK,PASSPORT,DRIVING LICENSE etc. The details will be saved only if all your details match. Employer has to approve the details through employer portal.

2)Employer you can update KYC details through Employer portal,he can directly send a request letter to the EPF Regional office.

 How to update your KYC for UAN Online portal process.

·  Login to EPF UAN portal user id and password,Login this link Using UAN candidate.

 Fill up KYC format save below screen.

  •       Upon saving the same the below screen  will come up, sowing the status as “pending KYC”
  •     After the employer approves the uploaded KYCby the employer, the status will get transformed as”Approved KYC” like the below.
  •    The data will automatically reflected ino the employer EPF portal and want for approval of the same through the authorized person.

·  Open the UAN portal for the “Manage” option and chick and open two menu 1)Manage2)KYC . Click the KYC and open the KYC formet.

·  KYC format fill up the red colour box and highlighted documens details.

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