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    How to link mobile number with Aadhaar number

The Aadhaar to be mandatorily linked with a host of essential services by 31th march 2018 dead line set by the Supreme Court. The Aadhaar card which is bared on the biometric and demographic data of the India citizens, linked with bank accounts, permanent account number (PAN),Employ provident fund (EPF),National Savings certificates (NSC),Kisan vikas patra, mobile number, Read more

The unique identification authority of India (UIDIA) has issued directives for generating ONE TIME PIN either through the service provides website through the interactive voice response (IVR) services to facilitate the Aadhaar linking with mobile number.

Have you link your Aadhaar Number with mobile Number?

Now many telecom operators are offering a Toll-Free service-14546 for re-verification of your Aadhaar Number on your register mobile phone through at Interactive  Voice Response system (IVRS) Mobile phone can dial 14546 to link their Aaadhaar Number with the mobile number through IVRS- based One time pin (OTP) virification.

The telecommunication (DOT) Department of had in a communication dated 30 November 2017 directed access service provides to allocate short code -14546 of the IVRS based.

Here’s how the (IVRS)-based Aadhaar authentication through helpline 14546 number


  • ·                   Now you call toll-free helpline number 14546 Interactive Voice Response system (IVRS) the caller is to provide response 1 in case of India citizen.


  • The caller is then asked to enter 12-Digit Aadhaar Number.


  •   The Interactive Voice Response system (IVRS) then repeats the number entered and asued the caller to confirm by pressing response -1.


  • The next step one time pin (OTP) sent to the Aadhaar  register mobile Number.
  •  The Interactive Voice Response system (IVRS) asks the caller to give consent to the telecom operator to pick name ,photo and date of birth for the (UIDAI) data base.
  •    The caller is asked to enter the One time pin (OTP) in the next step.


  • The caller is asked to press 1 to complete the Aadhaar number to mobile  Re- virification process.
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