EPF Nominee- how to add online nominee name in epf portal

Employee provident fund organization (EPFO) has recently launched the facility to add an online nominee name in epf portal. This service assists all  Employee provident fund organization (EPFO) subscribers in enrolling a nominee for their EPF account. Moreover, subscribers who wish to modify their existing nomination can also utilize this facility. Earlier, the process of changing the EPF nominee was a highly tedious task Prior to the launch of this digitized service, the procedure was entirely offline, and it was quite a lengthy and cumbersome one. It required the subscribers to obtain FORM-2 for enrolling a nominee. This form had to be filled up and submitted to the employer for authorization. The employer would have to send the Form to the EPF office. The process was entirely manual and highly time-consuming. The new e-nomination facility is not only much faster, but it also eliminates the employer’s intervention.




Must be aware of PF deductions in case you aren’t, just take a peek at your salary slip. If the organization that you work for is registered with EPFO, you will notice a considerable amount being deducted from your total salary every month. That’s your PF or Provident Fund deduction. Don’t get worked up – you are not losing out on the money; it is deposited into your PF account as compulsory savings, and you can easily do a PF balance check from the official website.

Employee Provident Fund is a Government-initiated post-retirement savings scheme that is accessible to all the salaried employees. The Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO) manages the EPF. According to the EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, it is mandatory for all registered organizations with more than 20 employees to enroll with the EPFO. Employee Provident Fund is considered to be a great savings platform, which aids the employees in saving a portion of their salary each month.

Following are the salient features of new e-Nomination functionality:

  • UAN should be activated.
  • Verified Aadhaar should be linked with UAN.
  • Mobile number of the member should be linked with Aadhaar
  • Photo of the member should be available in the profile of member (Member has to upload his
  • photo in his profile section)
  • Aadhar of all the family members in nomination is mandatory.
  • Photo upload of all the family members in e-Nomination is mandatory.
  • Aadhaar based e-Sign by the member in e-Nomination.
  • Digitally signed nomination PDF will be available in the login of member and field office.


A readily available Nomination in the system enables a member to easily file the online Pension Claim and in the event of the demise of the member, his/her nominee will be able to file an online claim based on OTP on his/her Aadhaar linked mobile.

Process flow along with screenshots is enclosed herewith for ready reference. It is requested to encourage the members through their employers to urgently file their e-nomination and facilitate them if they are finding any difficulty.


Step by step procedure for filing e-Nomination Member will login to the Member Interface of Unified Portal given the below URL :https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindiacov.in/memberinterface/

  • Open the Epf member portal home and Click on Manage>>E-Nomination.
  • Employee provident fund organization account Provide the permanent and current address and save it.
  • After saving, the system prompt “Having Family: Yes/No”. If the input is given as “yes”. the system asks to enter family details. You can add all the family members by the “Add New” button. Aadhaar and a photo of all the family members are mandatory. If the input is given as “No”, the system will directly prompt PF Nomination details.
  • After that select EPF nominations details from the family members, provide the percentage of EPF share as you want and click on “Save EPF nomination” button
  • After Completion of EPF nomination, the system will prompt for EPS nomination in case family (Wife/Son/Daughter) is not available. After that member has to finalize nomination by e-Sign.
  • After e-sign successfully, you can view nomination details in PDF.

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