Online EPF Balance Transfer Process// Previous EPF account Balance to Present EPF Account Balance Transfer Through EPFO Protal…

Employ provident fant Organisation is the Beigest ideal investment platform for any individual govt and pvt salary holder. Employee’s and employer contribution to employee’s provident fant and the fund earns interest till withdrawal to switch job for various reason without break in such scenarios to the PF account of the employee already created with the previous employee.

Employ contribution with interest can be withdraw if the employee contribution to be on break for up to 30 day.

Transfer the EPF Account Balance Present EPF A/C

Which the PF transfer was possible “online Transfer Claim Portal” With the introduction of UAN. However in order to make online PF transfer, Please ensure the following-

  •        UAN portal member should be activated in UAN and mobile no Activate.
  •        Aadhar no, Pan No, Bank Account and Bank IFSC code should be add EPFO portal.
  •        The employer should have approved the KYC in your UAN.
  •     4 Previous/Present employer should have digitally register authorized signatures in EPFO.
  •       PF account member name sapling previous and present employment of on employee should be entered in EPFO database
  •     Personal information and PF account related information is shown in epfo should be correct.

Procedure To Transfer EPFO (UAN) Protal

Now we have that PF transfer can be made online and above criteria need to be fulfilled. Let us understand the procedure step by step with the help of screen short….


Login the “EPFO online portal” using your UAN and password, That’s sing click.


Open the EPFO member portal go to the “online services” tab on the main menu of the home page select click “Transfer Request” to generation on online transfer request.


Now you click on the “Transfer Request” tap a page will be open, where all your personal details will be shown verify that all your personal details like EPF number, DOB, DOJ and DOE etc.



One you verify your personal details go to step-1 where you need to provide the details of the previous employer.

But before that you need to select the option previous employer or present employer through which you want to do the claim form attention.


After you fill in the details of previous employer and submit and OTP will be sent to your Register MobileNo once you authenticate your identity by entering the OTP, The request will be submitted and an online filled-in from will be generated. You need to sing the form and send it to your present or previous employer.


The Employer will also get on online notification about the EPF transfer request. After verification of your employment details forward the claim to the EPFO offline, which will process the claim.


After you submit the online request, you can check the status of your EPF transfer claim under the “Track claim status” menu which is under the “onlineservice” menu.

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