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About Technical Kousik

I love tech! Technical Kousik a Tech Blog. Technical Kousik  is a Tech and How To Blog where we are regularly update Technical Blog, How To Guide, Employee provident fund organisation (EPFO)Tutorial, New mobile phone news and some experience, some Best mobile and many more things which is related to Technology. Technical kousik was started 29th May 2019 and the main purpose to start this blog is to help people to get right and more relevant information on web through our blog though there are lots of websites.

About The Author

Name:-Kousik Barik

Email:-[email protected]

Hi, Dear Friends I am Kousik Barik, I am the Author of technicalkousik Tech blog. I’m a 25 years old form a West Bengal, India. I write every week one tech related blog and pest this side. I work Full time Office and Part time blogger. I love tech and Gadgets things and also love to surf the internet at any time and trying to learn new things and then share with audience via my blog.

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